About Us

For business and order inquiries, please reach out to us at retroglitchdesigns@gmail.com

"Hi, I'm Meg. I'm thirty years old and I'm from Ohio. I've always enjoyed creating art and feel especially passionate about creating art related to my interests. One of my primary interests is film and television, and I specifically feel connected to horror and sci-fi. One of my favorite directors is Mike Flanagan, and I've made it a habit to watch The Haunting of Hill House at least once a year. I also really enjoy listening to Taylor Swift, learning about the universe, and playing video games. I even sometimes stream them privately to Binnie. Speaking of..."

"Hey! I'm Binnie! I'm a twenty-six-year-old Tennesseean who currently works in advertising. I have a degree in Creative Writing and I have a love for Taylor Swift, Twilight, Stardew Valley, and sushi... in that order. I'm a big fan of Korean culture and actually spent two years living in South Korea and teaching English. Some other things I enjoy are going to the gym, makeup and fashion, cozy gaming, and watching commentary YouTubers. I hope you feel like you know Meg and me on a personal level a bit more. Let me go on to explain how Retro Glitch came to be.

The two of us met online in late 2020, and despite a rocky start to our friendship, we ended up becoming almost inseparable over the next two years. Deciding to start Retro Glitch together was a big decision, but it's one that we both feel comfortable with and excited about. We're thrilled to bring our skills together to share our ideas with you! We hope that in doing so we can provide you with high-quality fanmade merch while we simultaneously earn a little extra money to fund our journey to move in together.

When you're interacting with Retro Glitch, I'm sure you'd like to know who you're talking to and our individual responsibilities. Meg is what I like to call 'the talent'. I pitch in with the typographic design, but Meg is the one in charge of the beautiful digital drawings and paintings you see on our stickers and other items. Meg also does most logistical duties— ordering our supplies and packaging/shipping orders. On the other hand, I work the front-facing role. Customer service, social media marketing, and most of the website maintenance are my responsibilities, and I can't wait to use those responsibilities to get to interact with all of you!"